Martin Audio adds WPS to Wavefront Precision line array series ​

WPS (1)

Martin Audio has launched WPS, the fourth model in its Wavefront Precision series of line arrays

The Wavefront Precision series is comprised of the WPL (12-in LF), WPC (10-in LF), WPM (6.5-in LF) and WPS (8-in LF).

The WPS is a passive 3-way system, featuring a peak SPL of 133dB, 2x8-in LF drivers, 4x4 midrange drivers and 4x1-in exit HF compression drivers loaded by a molded HF horn that encompasses the full width of the enclosure to define the 100 degrees horizontal constant directivity coverage pattern of the HF and midrange sections.

The 4-in midrange drivers are compression-loaded and enter the horn walls via annular slots close to the HF throat.

The HF section features four 1-in exit compression drivers with the 8-in LF drivers set behind the walls of the HF horn.

The WPS can also be paired with the SXC118 cardioid subwoofer and its flyable variant, the SXCF118.