Magenta Research expands Voyager series

Magenta Research has announced the Voyager VG-Matrix 48, a 48-port full matrix switching solution. It offers a smaller, more compact solution than the existing 160-port Voyager VG-Matrix 160.

The Voyager VG-Matrix 48 takes up only 5U of rack space and can be outfitted with up to six I/O cards (with 8-ports each). In simplex mode (no HDCP and unidirectional RS-232), a fully populated VG-Matrix 48 switch operates as a 48x48.

In duplex mode (required for HDCP or bidirectional RS-232), Magenta’s “Flex I/O” technology is enabled, allowing each port on the switch’s 8-port I/O cards to be utilised as an input or an output (i.e. 1x47, 2x46, 3x45, 47x1, 46x2, 45x3… etc.), delivering a flexible switching system that can easily adapt to changing requirements.

The VG-Matrix 48 also features dual power supplies for redundancy, a removable air filter, and comes with Magenta’s proprietary MagUI software, a PC-based configuration and switch control system designed specifically for Voyager systems.

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