Lawo updates Smartscope network management software


Smartscope now supports SMPTE ST2110-20/21/30/40 and ST2022-6/7 live production video formats.

Smartscope allows integrated monitoring of compressed and uncompressed streams in high capacity hybrid systems, allowing analysis for operations and engineering over managed and un-managed networks.

Smartdash’s  new auto-topology microservice discovers, registers and documents the IP network topology by leveraging the Openconfig communication protocol to present device status in real time.

The new PTP monitoring microservice detects, classifies and analyses PTP at the network layer, acting as a referenced, locked receiver for timing measurements for video, audio and data streams.

New features for the PTP Monitoring Microservice include auto detection of PTP, type modes, histograms, slave ports and lock state.

Smartdash can be integrated with Smartscope and is cloud enabled, able to run on virtual machines and in the cloud for running network device analysis of cloud-based applications such as virtualised playout channels.

Smartdash also supports products based on AWS, Google and VM Networks.

Smartdash also includes smartDS data storage software, allowing Smartdash users to log and store months of alarm and data logs for a record of network bandwidth and signal loss.

wSmartdash’s reports feature also enable access and analysing of the smartDS data to create data reports.

The smartDS software can run on a dedicated hardware server or in virtualised or cloud-based environments.