L-Acoustics ups power and functionality with L-Isa Processor II

L-Acoustics has doubled output count to offer 128 outputs for larger, more complex events with the next generation of its 3D audio processing engine, L-Isa Processor II.

The new processor is available in four different output configurations (16, 32, 64 or 128) through a one-time, tiered license fee.

L-ISA Processor II is a hardware product that provides advanced object-based mixing for immersive audio productions. Like its predecessor, it offers control of spatial audio processing and virtual acoustics for up to 96 audio objects based on speaker positioning information and mixing parameters—including pan, width, distance, elevation, and aux send.

Housed in a rugged 3U chassis equipped with Neutrik connectors, L-ISA Processor II is remotely controlled by L-ISA Controller software. It has a multi-core architecture and is equipped with Milan-AVB dual-network redundancy. The product also features MADI connections, allowing signals to come in on MADI and exit via Milan-AVB.

L-Acoustics ups power and functionality with L-Isa Processor II

L-ISA Processor can be paired with L-ISA Studio software, allowing users to create immersive designs for the stage and studio on their laptops. Both iterations of L-ISA Processor are also compatible with DeskLink, which places direct control of L-ISA objects on the channel strips of DiGiCo, SSL and Yamaha mixing consoles. Partnerships with vision-based tracking systems like BlackTrax, Robert Juliat’s SpotMe, Modulo Pi, and Zactrack continue to be supported by the new product.

Currently in pilot phase, L-ISA Processor II will begin shipping to customers in the first quarter of 2022.

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