L-Acoustics creates L-ISA Studio software

L-Acoustics has launched the L-ISA Studio software suite and upgraded the L-ISA engine.

Built with sound designers and mixing engineers in mind, L-ISA Studio is designed for immersive audio experiences.

L-ISA Studio contains the same spatial audio and room engine algorithms as its hardware counterpart, the L-ISA Processor, yet is redesigned and improved with key features for room enhancement, a fully augmented scale simulation mode, and binaural output capabilities.

The upgraded engine, now deployed in both software and hardware configurations, provides sound designers, content creators, and mixing engineers with the ability to hear content in any virtual space of any given size and shape. Control strategies, sonic trajectories, and sound system behaviors can all be defined and then demonstrated in real time, streamlining the creative process in its early stages and minimising the need for last-minute changes.  

Through L-ISA Studio’s binaural engine, users can now create and monitor their spatialised audio content anywhere with headphones and optional head tracking. Mixing engineers and creators can deploy the software suite in any multi-channel mixing or recording studio with up to 12 loudspeakers for multi-channel monitoring. For a fully portable L-Acoustics-powered 3D sound creation tool and listening experience, L-ISA Studio can be paired with Contour XO, the recently launched professional in-ear monitor by L-Acoustics and JH Audio. 

L-ISA Studio offers compatibility with various 3D audio format outputs, including Dolby Atmos and multi-channel configurations.

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