Kramer adds LCD monitor and headphone jack to 16x16 switcher

Kramer Electronics has announced the VS-162AVM 16x16 Composite Video & Balanced Stereo Audio Matrix Switcher with built-in 3.5” LCD monitor and headphone jack.

The VS-162AVM is a matrix switcher for composite video and balanced stereo audio signals.

It can perform glitch free switch during the vertical interval when an external reference signal connected to the genlock input, or if the unit is synced to an incoming video signal as a reference.

The unit can be controlled locally, using the front panel buttons or remotely, via RS-232 or RS-485 serial commands transmitted by a touch screen system, PC, or other serial controller. The unit comes with Windows control software and can also be controlled remotely via IR signals. The Take Button can execute multiple switches all at once, and the unit can store up to 60 preset switches for easy and convenient operation. These setups can be recalled and executed when needed.

The VS-162AVM is part of Kramer's 16x16 matrix switchers' series that includes the VS-1616A (a 16x16 stereo balance audio switcher) and VS-162V (a 16x16 video matrix switcher). The current Kramer line of 16x16 matrix switchers also includes products for component video, SDI and HD-SDI signals.

The VS-162AVM Switcher comes in a standard 19” rack mount size, with rack “ears” included.

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