Kindermann adds touch displays

Kindermann has introduced its next generation of touch displays with the Touchdisplay TD-20xx series.

The Kindermann touch displays of the TD-20xx series feature a new glass surface, due to its zero-gap technology, there is no empty space between the touch and LCD panels, which improves the accuracy of touch input.

The new infrared touch frame supports up to 40 touch points and enables accurate object recognition, for example whether a thick or thin pen or the hand is used as an "eraser". In addition, the surface has an antibacterial coating. This protection remains intact even with intensive use and frequent cleaning.

The new Kindermann TD-20xx models feature System-on-Chip with quad-core processor (1.8 Ghz), 8 GB RAM and 64 GB storage for apps and data. Android 9.0 is currently used as the operating system. The touch display can be equipped with a PC via the OPS slot and thus access to the Windows world can be gained.

With the integrated EShare solution, mobile devices can be connected regardless of the operating system. Their content can then be transferred wirelessly to the touch display. This also works the other way around, so that the large display can be mirrored onto the tablets of meeting participants or students, for example. In split-screen mode, up to four screen contents can be displayed simultaneously. HDMI and USB-C dongles are also available for particularly intuitive use via Plug & Play.

The TD-20xx touch displays have a range of connection options to link peripheral devices such as cameras and sound systems etc. The ports are accessible at the front and side. They have been equipped with a new USB-C interface, which means only one cable is needed for video, audio and touch transmission as well as charging. The charging current of 65 watts is also sufficient for power-hungry notebooks.

Windows Ink support has also been improved. The advantage of Windows Ink is that passive pens are also recognised automatically. Thus, annotations can be made comfortably in all common Windows Office applications without having to select the tool.

The new touch displays are available in 65-, 75- and 86-in sizes.


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