iPad lockdown by Premier Mounts

Premier Mounts has introduced the IPM-700, a secure wall mounting frame for iPads that covers all controls and allows access to the touchscreen.

Premier Mounts says the frame turns the iPad into an interactive display for digital signage. It has various finishes and suited to retail, hospitality, corporate environments, tradeshows and other areas.

The frame covers all the operation buttons, prevents unauthorised access and does not obstruct reception to WiFi networks.

To accommodate specific power and A/V cabling needs, the IPM-700 can be installed over Premier Mounts’ optional In-Wall A/V and Power GearBox (GB-INWAVP).

This GearBox includes knockouts for power and signal access and can be installed in a wall.

Premier Mounts has also partnered with AVD to develop an iPad-based digital signage package. The AVD Browse app can be downloaded from iTunes to control the iPad and its digital content via a WiFi network.

The IPM-700 is available in stainless steel, chrome, black and white finishes. Custom finishes are also available.

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