Imago ScanSource launches i-Kandy video conferencing system

Imago ScanSource has launched its i-Kandy video conferencing system, incorporating technology from Polycom and Array Telepresence.

-Kandy combines Array’s Equal-i image processor and DX dual-headed camera with the Polycom Group 500 video, voice and collaboration system to provide an immersive telepresence system.

The company has also announced its Immersive Everywhere array system, which can provide the same dual-screen video conferencing experience even where an Array system is not being used on the far end.  

The system’s PTZ capability also works to improve the incoming scene from a conventional video conferencing system without Equal-i improving the scene to dual-screen immersive telepresence.

Imago ScanSource’s Equal-i technology now features image improvement algorithms and an image processor situated between the camera and the video conferencing codec. It has been upgraded for improved clarity (with facial pixel count increased by 6.5 times) and vertical eye-line, stand-up capture, and to power a dual-screen, wide-format display using a single codec with no effect on bandwidth.

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