imageHolders launch touchless kiosk with Ultraleap technology

imageHolders has launched its first touchless kiosk, powered by Ultraleap hand tracking technology, in response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The touchless self-service kiosk uses an Ultraleap hand tracking camera and Ultraleap software to capture the movement of hands and fingers so they can interact naturally with the on-screen content. Users can type, select, scroll and navigate a kiosk display using mid-air gestures and without having to touch the screen.

This non-touch approach reduces the risk of spreading germs and bacteria build up at a self-service kiosk, something customers and end users have become increasingly aware of since the outbreak of Covid-19.

A selection of optional devices can also be added, including printers, scanners, and payment devices – to ensure each kiosk is tailored to individual business needs.

Each kiosk can be tailored to number of different industries including public kiosks, entertainment complexes, healthcare, office and workplaces, and education.



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