IHSE launches USB switching for multi-monitor workstations

IHSE has released Draco U-Switches, which enable parallel switching of USB 2.0 data and USB-HID signals to multi-monitor workstations via keyboard commands, mouse movement or push buttons.

The product is aimed at financial traders at multi-screen trading desks and operators in surveillance and command and control rooms.

It is also suitable for operators in other sectors in which multiple displays connected to different CPUs must be managed simultaneously. IHSE developed the Draco U-Switch to allow users to perform mouse actions across multiple screens without the need to manually change keyboard and mouse devices or connections.

Draco U-Switches associate a single keyboard and mouse to several screens, so users do not need to change between devices as they change their focus, reducing desk clutter and confusion.

The device features two additional transparent USB 2.0 inputs. One or two flash drives or other USB 2.0 devices may be plugged into USB 2.0 ports on the U-Switch device. When switching to one of the consoles, both USB-HID and USB 2.0 devices can be accessed by the user on that console. This gives convenient access to USB 2.0 data on each monitor without replugging USB drives into the respective console.

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