Holoplot launches X1 product line for immersive and targeted audio

Berlin-based immersive audio manufacturer Holoplot has launched its X1 product line, including the X1 Modul 96 full-range and the X1 Modul 80-S loudspeaker + sub.

The speakers are designed for full sound control with precision over large distances and are tipped for use in performing art venues, arenas, immersive spaces and conference or event halls.

The units can handle multi-language content conference applications (where it can deliver different languages to different areas of a room), as well as immersive and personalised content. The product also offers audio consistency across a venue for everyone in the audience.

The modules (loudspeakers) have up to 96 individually amplified drivers including 80 silk dome tweeters per cabinet, which the company claims delivers studio grade quality even at high sound pressure levels. X1 draws on Holoplot’s dedicated software, IoT capabilities and cloud connectivity functions to support system planning, operation and maintenance.

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