Gefen KVM extenders deliver video over IP

Gefen has introduced three KVM Extenders using video over IP technology to deliver audio, video, USB, Microphone and RS-232 over a Local Area Network (LAN).

Three new solutions: the HDMI KVM over IP; DVI KVM over IP and VGA KVM over IP extenders, extend peripherals over CAT-5 cable to access computer video, audio, and control from any room within the LAN.

High definition video resolution up to 1080p is supported using the same CAT-5 cable with the possibility to send two channels audio, microphone in/out, USB, RS-232 and IR.

Once installed, sender and receiver units connect to each other using one CAT-5 cable or through the Ethernet switch.

The sender and receiver units can be rack-mounted or placed as desk-top units. The receiver provides KVM functionality with audio using the same network. Two USB ports support computer peripheral connectivity at the Receiver unit side.

All three extenders’ video formats (VGA, DVI, HDMI) can be interchanged between sender and receiver units over the same network, allowing multi-format system integration. Each sender can also connect to multiple receivers when set into the broadcast mode to deliver the same source to multiple destinations. Up to 16 senders and receivers can be used in a single networked system.

For advanced users, sender and receiver units can be configured to unique IP addresses. Each receiver unit provides two independent Ethernet jacks for connecting additional senders, receivers or other IP-based equipment. Built-in EDID management ensures signal integrity during all switching activity. The HDMI KVM over LAN product is also HDCP-compliant.

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