Gefen extends HMDI with Repeater

Installations where high definition TVs need to be mounted away from the HD source can be helped with the GefenTV HDMI v1.3 Repeater. The product sits between two standard HDMI cables, transmitting the full scope of the expanded HDMI v1.3 format, including 1080p full HD resolutions from the source, over the cables with the Repeater to the display.

The Repeater measures 2” by 2” inches. It is effective in boosting the HDMI signal at 1080p full HD resolutions up to 30m (approximately 50ft). Multiple Repeaters can also be cascaded and powered to reach nearly 122 meters (about 400ft) in distance.

Mono-Lok function is designed to ensure that HDMI cables are tightly secured to the Repeater’s input and output for a steady signal transmission. Cables won’t disengage from the Repeater so reliability is assured. The product works with all standard HDMI copper cables.

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