Fulcrum Acoustic launches AHS steerable array modules

Fulcrum Acoustic has announced the release of its AHS series, a range of modular, steerable large-format array modules.

The series adds two new models, including the AHS440 (45 degrees horizontal beamwidth) which uses four high-frequency horns, each paired with a coaxical compression driver.

The AHS460 (60 degrees horizontal beamwidth) is also available, using three high-frequency horns. Both models include four 10-in woofers loaded by Oculus phase plugs, with the compression head extending the low-frequency horn length to allow for low frequency extension to 60 Hz with 28-in of depth.

Fulcrum Acoustic’s TQ processing is combined with beam-forming DSP algorithms to configure AHS vertical dispersion to match a venue’s specific geometries and throw distances.

Multiple HF horns can be combined to provide necessary output to counter HF air loss, with all AHS modules designed to be stacked as needed to increase projection and control.

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