Fujitsu Mini-ITX optimised for Linux

Fujitsu has announced the availability of its mini-ITX board D3003-S2 with integrated embedded Linux platform. All components required for HD video and 3D graphics were adapted by open source service provider emlix

The embedded Linux system optimised by emlix offers a customisable embedded platform with high graphics performance. Fujitsu’s Mini-ITX mainboard D3003-S2 is equipped with an AMD A55E Controller Hub chipset. It supports the AMD FT1 (eOntario) Dual-Core T56N (18W) processor and comes with a high-performance ATI graphics controller integrated into the CPU. The board supports VGA, DVI, DisplayPort, and 24-bit Dual Channel LVDS. An additional LVDS Controller supports 24-bit Dual Channel LVDS to enable the operation of displays with a size of more than 12" in highest resolution and HD quality.

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