Flexible inputs and new front panel in Bosch Plena system

Bosch has stepped up its Plena public address and voice alarm system, introducing its Plena Easy Line range, incorporating two- and one-zone mixer amplifiers. The system also includes a mixer unit, new power amplifiers, an ‘all-call’ call station, a two-zone call station and a wall panel.

The two-zone mixer amplifier is available in 120 W and 240 W versions. The unit features ten inputs to provide a variety of solutions for broadcasting announcements and music to listeners. A variety of back panel connection points allow for true system integration and application flexibility. The mixer section has separate internal equalizers for music inputs and mic/line inputs that are adjusted with a dial.

The one-zone mixer amplifier features four mic/line inputs, three music inputs and a selectable line output for master or music only.

Combined with one or more Plena amplifiers, this mixer unit allows users to create zones with high power needs and install additional amplifiers outside the control location.

Available in 120 and 240 W versions, the power amplifiers provide extra power for any Plena system application. Both units feature sturdy compact housings and temperature-controlled forced front-to-back ventilation for stackable installation.

The ‘all-call’ call station is a practical, user-friendly call station for all zones as well as two-zone announcements. It is provided with toggle key selection and a press-to-talk feature.

Finally, the new wall panel features two zone selections and one input selection. The panel allows users to select the source and control two zones.

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