EZCast offers 200-metre range for wireless HDMI systems

EZCast has announced the launch of the ProAV WR/WT, a Wi-Fi HDMI extender, splitter and switch with a range of 200-metres, or more in open areas.

The wireless ProAV WR/WT is suitable for applications and scenarios where a wired network connection may be too disruptive, time-consuming or difficult to install, while still providing an easy bridge to wired networks wherever they are more suitable (for example via EZCast’s ProAV ET/ER).

The product design provides flexibility and scalability in both system design and system functions – for example, making it easy to change from extender to splitter to switcher functionality. Central Management System (CMS) software support provides centralised remote control, while the built in USB KVM capability gives access to key functions in the field, such as controlling TX port messaging from the RX receiver.

EZCast ProAV devices supporting Video/Audio/USB/IR/UART over IP, including the ProAV WR/WT, are based around an in-house developed, integrated System on a Chip (SoC) with embedded HDMI receiver and networking components.

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