eyevis presents eyeUNIFY wall management software

eyevis has announced the release of web-based open-source wall management software eyeUNIFY.

The modular concept of the software allows for operation across all platforms and systems, and is scalable to any number of clients.

Alongside providing all control room functions, the open-source concept can be adapted to any specific requirements by eyevis, clients or third parties. Software add-ons, interfaces or feature can additionally be developed in the future.  

The architecture of eyeUNIFY comprises of four software modules which can be combined together depending on the form of application. The central unit runs on a Java application server on Linux, Windows or MacOS. Any device in the network (with an HTML5-capable browser) can access the software, including tablets and smartphones. Third-party devices such as media controllers can also remote control the entire wall management. All modules communicate with each other on the web via SOAP interfaces.

The software’s push notifications ensure the wall responds to changes with a nominal latency of milliseconds, with network traffic only produced when changes are implemented.

eyeUNIFY software is available for free to users.

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