Elite Screens portable projection screens tackle ceiling light

Elite Screens has announced the Light-On CLR 3 series, a portable projection screen with ceiling light rejecting capabilities.

It comes in a portable tripod or folding frame version and is designed to work with portable ultra short throw projectors to combat the washout effect in bright ceiling light rooms such as classrooms or living rooms. The CLR 3 material absorbs up to 90% of overhead light while providing 80 times contrast improvement over matte white screens in light room conditions.

 The Tripod version of the Light-On CLR 3 is a pull-up retractable design with black housing that includes a carrying bag. Its tensioning system provides a flat and taut surface for a ripple-free picture quality. The black skirt included provides an elegant and professional presentation.

Elite Screens says its Light-On CLR 3 folding frame provides portability in its simple design. The material stretches onto the frame using corner pull-tabs for a flat surface. The adjustable legs included allow the screen to accommodate various height settings. The padded carrying bag fits the entire product.

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