Element One joins forces with Strähle partition systems

Element One has developed a new bracket, in conjunction with Strähle partition systems, that allows Signis TFT monitors to be hung from two points on a supporting steel mullion near a door.

After installation, the joint is concealed in the gap between door frame and glass element or panel.

The Signis brackets are situated on the left or right edge of the screen back so that the monitors are held at one side and project parallel to the partition. If this partition is, for example, made of glass, the observer inside the room sees an aesthetic aluminium surface free from cables. The cables required are integrated into the uprights.

The connection solution provides sound insulation as no acoustic bridges are created. The same applies to fire protection. The wall cross-section is not weakened when installing displays using the Signis brackets so that the fire rating stated for the partition remains guaranteed.

Using the electronic information panels and displays, room functions such as lighting and blinds can also be controlled. This makes it possible to generally do without light switches and similar fittings which weaken the cross-section of the partition systems.