ELC Lighting introduces signal distribution concept

ELC GBX distribution system

DMX control specialist ELC Lighting has launched the DLN8GBXSL eight port slave node, a new concept designed for ethernet/DMX network distribution.

The DLN8GBXSL serves as a substitute for a DMX splitter rack, where all DMX ports are fully programmable as output, input, merge, backup and more, as node ports.

This slave node forms part of the ELC GBX Distribution System, of which the dmXLAN switch (GBx10 or GBx18) is the backbone. This switch is the master, and up to 15 slave units can be daisy chained via the ethernet ports. The system supports all open protocols including sACN, Art-Net and ShowNET.

When connected, and loaded with ELC’s dmXLAN software, the system transforms how DMX can be distributed from an ethernet network.

It is specifically tailored for live entertainment applications where a mixture of data protocols would overload and saturate commercially-available network switches.

The system uses standard ethernet protocols and DMX.