DVIGear launches DisplayNet 3.0 software update

DVIGear has updated its DisplayNet software with the DisplayNet 3.0 software update, adding new security enhancements as well as updates to the SDVoE platform and other user experience improvements.

DisplayNet 3.0 features support for API access via SSH, TLS support with integrated certificate management and device claiming which protects systems from rogue server attacks.

The latest versions of SDVoE platform components are included in the update, with SDVoE API 3.1.2 and firmware 4.1.2 for DN-200 and DN-150 series hardware, with improvements to device reliability and compatibility and the latest SDVoE API specification.

Functionality improvements are also available, including improvements to overall UI responsiveness, optimised MultiView layout creation, a new splash-screen for an improved loading experience and a new setup wizard to assist users in configuring systems to meet security requirements.

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