Datapath announces ActiveSQX2 IP encoding and decoding card

Datapath has launched its ActiveSQX2 PCle plug-in card, enabling IP sources to be decoded for display on videowalls and workstations.

The ActiveSQX2 can be combined with Datapath capture and graphics cards, offering the ability to decode both h.264 and HEVC h.265 streams for immediate display. The card’s encoding feature allows captured sources to be simultaneously re-distributed across the network to other endpoints which require the same information for display.

The card can be used within the Aetria environment, encoding and streaming HDCP protected sources to other Aetria endpoints. The ActiveSQX2 is also compatible with Datapath’s Vision capture card range and can be used alongside the ActiveSQX card for customers who need to decode more streams or to add scalable encoding.

Up to 12 1080p30 streams can be decoded and can encode up to eight 1080p30 H.264 streams or three H.265 (1080p 30) streams.

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