Coolux to launch Pandoras Box 5.1 at InfoComm 2012

Coolux will officially release Pandoras Box Version 5.1 at this year's InfoComm show in Las Vegas.

The new version will include AES 256-bit Media Encryption and a new Matrix Patcher, which includes Map-View to make it possible to re-locate individual pixels for creative setups when working with conventional LED processors.

It is designed to save time when working with uncommon LED-fixture shapes and repositioning pixels to fit an actual LED design.

A new workflow feature is the update-preset function. Pandoras Box users can now store and recall any amount of timeline keys as presets and update their data to all instances.

The Aeon FX Engine now supports multiple lights as well as real-time shadow projection onto 3D object layers.

Coolux’s new media encryption technology allows customers to protect exclusive content from being copied or misused, using AES 256bit encryption algorithms. Users have the choice between code based encryption generated within the Pandoras Box interface, or dongle based encryption that would allow content to be played only during certain pre-defined times or on certain machines. 

Version 5.1 allows users to animate and control the Warper via keys in the timeline.

3ds Max files can now be directly imported and used for warping. In addition to this, the Warper mesh points can be moved and worked with along the Z-axis as well.

StreamiX enables users to stream content from one computer to another.

All Pandoras Box 5.1 playback products will support ASIO audio tracks. The number of ASIO tracks available to each playback product will depend on the number of video layers.

A new Curve Editor includes improved value references, different mouse modes and an improved zoom function.

Coolux will also launch its official co-operation with 4K content specialists, atmosphere media, at this year’s InfoComm.

Coolux stand number: N1751

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