Clevertouch introduces capacitive touch LFDs

Clevertouch has added capacitive touch technology to its Pro-Series range of large format displays.

Capacitive Touch gives the most natural, responsive, and accurate touch experience for large format displays on the market, comparable to smartphone or tablet; something previously only available to screens smaller than 22inches.

The Pro-Series is one of only two large format interactive displays on the market with Capacitive Touch technology. To produce the touchscreen effect, technology has relied upon pathway breaking (such as light waves, electromagnetic disruption by fingers, pressure of film to display). This often leaves an air-gap between the screen and tech, leaving the screen slower to respond and less accurate than the device in your pocket. Capacitive Touch virtually eliminates the air-gap between the screen and film to produce an incredibly responsive touch screen, with a <15 milliseconds response time and a highly accurate, 1mm tolerance, with no lag time.

Limiting the air-gap as much as Capacitive Touch has done took two years of research and development, as well as a move to one of the few factories in the world able to deliver the absolute clean-room manufacturing environment required for such a precision build, .

The technology can also support simultaneous 2-pen writing, as well as palm rejection. Capacitive Touch only recognises the touch of its own technology - a stray hand or cup grazing the screen won't alter presentation or lesson.

The Pro-Series comes with a proprietary LUX interface, requiring no set-up or calibration, and it comes with the Clevershare wireless hub, which allows control of the screen from anywhere in the room.


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