Canford to preview IP addressable MDU’s at IBC 2014

Canford is to show its IP addressable Mains Distribution Units (MDU’s) managing power distribution for the very first time at IBC 2014.

Any device with an html browser and an internet connection can securely access the product.

Another feature of the Canford IP MDU is the ability to control door locks remotely. This enables off-site personnel to grant engineers or support team’s access to either server rooms or locked racks and cabinets.

Configurable aspects of the unit include: MDU current monitoring, MDU power monitoring (Volts, Amps, Power Factor & kWhrs), per socket control (On, Off, Time delayed and Sequential start up), per socket monitoring and environmental sensors (rack/room temperature and humidity).

The IP MDU’s feature simultaneous XML output; allowing integration into third party database/SQL software for automatic logging and data processing. Automated alarms with thresholds for high/low values of each monitored component are also available. Data for all values can also be sent via email and SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol).

The inbuilt web server (HTTP) permits web browsing across multiple platforms; including iPads and other devices, as well as SNMP for integration into building / network management tools, such as HP Open View, Aperture VISTA etc.

Production models will be available from December 2014.

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