BSS Audio expands Soundweb products with AVB versions

BSS Audio has added AVB functionality to its Soundweb London products with BLU-805 and BLU-325 processors.

The Harman brand introduced the AVB devices as versions of the BLU-800 and BLU-320 Cobtranet processors from which they are derived.

BLU-805 offers the same configurable signal processing capability as the existing BLU-800 device. Both new devices offer configurable inputs and outputs, compatibility with all Soundweb London input and output card options, logic processing capability, the 256-channel Soundweb London digital audio bus and GPIO.

Each device offers up to 16 inputs and outputs, configurable in banks of four. Card options include analogue mic/line inputs with Phantom Power, analogue outputs, digital inputs (AES/EBU and S/PDIF), digital outputs, the Soundweb London AEC Input Card and the Soundweb London Telephone Hybrid Card.

The BLU-805 and BLU-325 devices allow 64 incoming AVB channels and 64 outgoing AVB channels at 48kHz, or 32 incoming AVB channels and 32 outgoing AVB channels at 96kHz. Configuration, control and monitoring is provided by HiQnet London Architect.

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