Bosch launches updated video-based fire detection system

Bosch has released a new version of its Aviotec IP starlight 8000, enabling the early detection of fires with cameras in low light conditions.

Flames and smoke are detected down to an ambient lighting level of two lux, extending the proven video analytics in the camera by artificial intelligence, processing the results of more than 20 algorithms and making an alarm decision on this basis. 

Firmware version 7.61 Aviotec IP starlight 8000 is designed low light conditions such as warehouses and production plants at night, with the sensitivity able to be adapted to environmental condition requirements using programmable schedules. 

The system can also be installed in historic buildings by being installed in almost unused side rooms with minimal lighting such as through small windows. 

The cameras can also be used simultaneously for fire detection and video surveillance. 

The Aviotec IP starlight 8000 is shipping with the new firmware, with existing installations able to be upgraded to the new technology by a free firmware update. 

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