BlueJeans and Voicera partner for AI meeting transcription

BlueJeans Huddle

Blue Jeans and Voicera have announced the availability of in-meeting transcription powered by an artificial intelligence assistant, Eva. BlueJeans’ customers can now enjoy full meeting notes of all participants that are stored, shared, edited and retrieved for later reference.

Available to all BlueJeans users, Eva participates in a meeting by taking notes, providing a full recording with a fully searchable transcript and word-cloud, and highlighting key moments, all of which can be shared with others.

“We wanted to offer BlueJeans customers the first chance to have full meeting transcriptions,” said Omar Tawakol, CEO of Voicera. “This is a service we now offer through Voicera but it works best with partners who provide higher quality audio streams. The audio that comes from BlueJeans with Dolby Voice, delivered in a crisp 16k format, lends itself very well to transcription. In addition to the transcripts, Eva can create a highlight reel that is error corrected and delivered with much higher accuracy.”