Beyma introduces range of products at Prolight + Sound 2018

Beyma is introducing several new products this year at Prolight + Sound 2018, including new high performance subwoofers, woofers and small compression drivers.

Two new high performance subwoofers will be launched, the 21LEX1600Nd and 15LEX1600Nd.

The new subs feature long excursion capabilities, very high output and very low distortion and have been designed for performing better in vented cabinets and loaded horn designs.

A new family of woofers with patented Maltcross technology will also be launched, which will include models of 8-in, 10-in, 12-in and 15-in with optimised neodymium motor structure.

The new 8MC500Nd will be a speaker with 2.5-in (63.5mm) coil, a sensitivity of around 98 dB, power handling of 500 W AES and weight around 2.8kg.

The new 10MC700Nd, 12MC700Nd and 15MC700Nd will be models with 3-in coil, sensitivities between 97 and 99 dB, nominal power of 700 W AES and weights between 3.6 and 4kg.

Finally, for the high frequency Beyma introduces three new compression drivers of small size, with coil of 1.75-in (44.4 mm) and 1-in (25.4 mm) throat. The new CD11Fe, CD11Fe/S and CD11Nd are drivers that feature the Beyma PM4 polymer.

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