Barco and Audinate collaborate on audio switching in PDS-4K

Barco has joined forces with Audinate to launch an audio option card for the PDS-4K, which makes it Barco’s first Dante-enabled presentation switcher.

The recently introduced Barco PDS-4K switchers offer 4K processing and switching in not only small to mid-sized event settings, but also boardrooms, auditoriums and other corporate environments. They were designed to bring video switching capabilities, including eight 4K inputs and two 4K mixing program outputs. By adding the new Dante-enabling audio option card, PDS-4K users will be able to manage both video and digital audio from source to output through the same device.

The PDS option card has access to all outputs on the multi-audio channels and each output allows for its own independent audio-over-IP switching. This means operators can run different audio variations for the online streams or push translated audio to a break-out room. In addition, the audio option card functionality manages audio and video sync automatically by default. However, if needed, the card also gives operators the ability to manually change the delay of the audio output to match the latency of the display and keep audio and video synchronised at all times. 

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