Avenview launches 4K HDMI over IP product

avenview HDM-C6MW4KIP

Avenview Corp, a manufacturer of proAV components for the management and distribution of video signals has launched a 4K component to add to the MSERIES HDMI over IP line, the HDM-C6MWIP4K-SET.

The HDM-C6MWIP4K-SET is designed to provide a complete end-to-end solution for the distribution of 4K content across an IP network using the same 1GB network switch.

The new 4K components are also compatible with the previous MSERIES 1080p line of products. The 4K device gives the flexibility to control any HDCP compatible 4K HDMI source from an iPad or Windows 10 Application with live preview to create a videowall or matrix.

Like each product in the MSERIES line, the 4K-component features modular design, which allows multiple uses and customised installations with full control from an iPad or Windows 10 Application. 

Video is streamed and decoded live using H.264 video encoding, the multi-function HDM-C6MWIP4K-SET extends 4K HDMI point to point, point to multi-point, or can create a videowall or matrix.