Auto detect mode added to TV One Coriomax products

TV One's Coriomax HDBaseT output modules can now automatically set up to extend HDBaseT 60m, 100m or 130m, depending on the receiver used.

TV One's Coriomax HDBaseT output modules include the Coriomaster, Coriomaster mini, Coriomatrix and Coriomatrix mini.

The HDBaseT Output Module is a 2-port, HDCP compliant module with scaling that allows the extension of high resolution digital video as far as 500 feet (130m) over a standard Cat5e/6 cable.

The module can now auto-detect the receiver connected to the system and configure itself without user intervention.

TV One provides the 1T-CT-642 for 60m HDBaseT lite, the Magenta Research HD-ONE DX/LX for 100m HDBaseT and the Magenta Research HD-ONE LX/DX 500 for 130m HDBaseT extended mode.

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