Audac soundbar targets professional applications

Audac has launched the IMEO1 professional 2.1 soundbar featuring two 1.5-in high frequency drivers and two 2.5-in low frequency drivers for an overall 60 Watt RMS rating.

It is suited to use in classrooms, presentation rooms or meeting rooms where it can be used and installed in combination with screens, smartboards or projectors.  

The unit has a Class-D amplifier with integrated DSP processing  and  transmission  line  configuration. Selectable DSP presets offer optimisation for applications such as presentations, music playback or videos.  

Inputs include an unbalanced line input, HDMI (ARC) input or SPDIF (optical and coaxial) and Bluetooth. A wall mounting bracket is included and the IMEO has a rotatable design of the IMEO that allows installation on top or bottom of a screen.

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