ASL launches networked DSP system

ASL Safety & Security has announced Vipedia, a life-safety rated networked DSP audio system. The product has been developed to bridge the gap between pro audio networks and life safety systems.

Vipedia is a Dante-enabled, voice-alarm compliant audio routing and distribution system. It conforms with all the relevant standards for voice alarm systems, whilst providing sufficient audio quality and networking head room for pro audio installers working on stadiums, airports and rail terminus projects.

The system is modular; option cards plug into the back of the unit to provide various processing, control and interface functions. The software and hardware is partitioned for life-safety and non-life-safety functions. This enables a comprehensive set of DSP functions to be built whilst never compromising the operation of the system in an emergency.

Vipedia runs on standard 100Mbps and Gigabit Ethernet networks.

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