Arthur Holm motorised monitor rotates 180°

Arthur Holm will show off its Dynamic 3 motorised monitor system when it exhibits at Paris’ SATIS exhibition, November 13 to 15.

The unit opens, rotates 180° and can be folded in two different positions. The company says it is suitable for information counters at hotels, banks, insurance and retail applications as well as meeting, conference and boardrooms.

The housing opens and closes using a motorised mechanism (a manual option is available) and a security mechanism halts the movement if it detects any objects in the way. The display can be operated in both vertical and horizontal positions – the screen image re-orientates itself automatically. The up, down, and rotation movements can be activated through the push buttons or remotely. Various veneer options are available for the rear of the monitor housing.
These are visible when the screen is loaded back into the desk face down; however, the screens can also be loaded face up to display content from a recessed, flat position. 

The system itself is built in a solid anodised block. Two screen sizes are available: 17in (full HD) and 19in.

Keyboard and mouse can sit on an integrated tray, which rises as the monitor opens and a touch screen option is available.      

Dynamic 3 can also be customised with microphone, voting system and by adding USB or other needed connectivity. From the end of November the unit will be HDCP compliant. The company will also show the Dynamic 1 Twin, a double-faced retractable monitor system.

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