Analog Way adds to Picturall Media Server line at Prolight + Sound 2019

Analog Way has announced compact versions of its Picturall Quad and Picturall Twin media servers.

Picturall Quad Compact and Picturall Twin Compact feature Analog Way’s latest software, version 2.7, which is compatible with the whole range of Analog Way Picturall media servers.

Software version 2.7 adds support for the HAP video codec line and introduces AWX, a proprietary video codec.

AWX allows for high resolution playback and bit rate content for multi-screen and LED wall products.

AWX is designed to offer playback for high resolution and bit rate content for multi-screen and large-scale LED wall products.

The Quad Compact 4K media server offers 4K@60Hz 10-bit outputs and can play back up to 12 layers of full HD or three layers of 4K@60hz video when utilising the AWX codec.

The Picturall Twin Compact also uses the AWX codec, featuring two 4K@60hz video, with the Picturall Twin Compact featuring two 4K@60hz video and using the AWX codec.

Both models offer up to four optional inputs (HDMI, 1.4, HDMI 2.0, 3G-SDI or DVI) and an optional two-channel audio interface with balanced XLR outputs.

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