Amp for all seasons?

Imagine a stereo amplifier that can be used in a supermarket with 10 check-out lines. A church with 5 mics that need a a noisegate, or even a professional stereo zone. An AMX, Crestron or cue-controlled meeting room ?

According to APart audio, your wish has now become reality: the PM1122 can handle every application and makes the use of a whole string of pre-amps superfluous!

The unit offers a 4-level priority system with emergency input. It has a volume-adjustable chime, and all controls are equipped with clear LED's for an easy overview.

It is possible to connect 5 mic/line inputs with phantom power each. There is a general noisegate for the mic inputs. Each signal is assignable to one or both output zones through a dipswitch selector on the front of the unit. Every input has individual tone, gain and volume control. The 5th mic/line input can be linked to or from another PM1122.

On the output side, the user will find a 2-zone section. Both zones have a selector that makes it possible to switch between 4 line inputs. There is a music level and mic mix level, and a bass and treble control per zone.

The PM1122 has multiple remote options : The PM1122R is an analogue wall control. It has music level and micro mix level control and a line input selector. The PM1122RL is an analogue wall control with local input. This control has the same functions as the PM1122R but also has an XLR microphone input and a balanced line input with volume and tone control (mini jack).

Both wired wall controls can be connected with the pre-amplifier through UTP CAT5 cable.Besides, this pre-amplifier can also be controlled via a PC- application.

The optional PM1122INT remote interface is connected to the pre-amplifier with a standard UTP CAT5 cable per output zone, and to the PC with an RS-232 connection. PC software is included.

Even a wireless remote connection is a possibility. A wireless wall controller can be fixed just where the user wants it. It offers source selection, mic volume, and music volume control.

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