AJA debuts HDR image analyser 12G with 8K support

AJA has launched its HDR image analyser 12G with 8K support, an HDR and WCG monitoring and analysis platform with 12G-SDI connectivity.

The HDR image analyser 12G supports up to 8K/UHD2 HDR monitoring and analysis for content for raster content over 12G-SDI with single-cable connectivity. 

The analyser uses AJA’s video I.O technology with HDR and WCG image analysis tools from Colorfront, with waveform, histogram and vectorscope monitoring and analysis of up to 8K content over 12G-SDI. 

Housed within a 1RU chassis, the HDR Image Analyzer 12G allows users to access a toolset to monitor and analyse SDR and HDR formats, including PQ (Perceptual Quantiser) and hybrid log gamma (HLG). 

The HDR image analyser v2.0 update introduces configurable windows support for user flexibility for both the HDR image analyser 12G and HDR image analyser models. 

Inputs for 8K/UltraHD2, 4K/UltraHD and HD 60P over 12G-SDI inputs are included alongside an UltraHD UI for native resolution picture display over DisplayPort. 

Configurable layouts for placing desired tools are included in a preferred window, with remote configuration, updates, logging and screenshot transfers via an integrated web UI. 

Remote desktop support is available, along with display and colour processing lookup table support. 

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