Addressing The Challenge: AV over IP solution designed to give the best user experience to integrators

As digital signage becomes increasingly sophisticated yet, affordable, the quality of content presentation is also on the rise. With 4K as the generation of quality for high definition, it is of no surprise that digital signage is leading the ProAV industries in 4K adoption.

With the shift of 4K, despite how infant over IP control is, it is said to be the new paradigm. Benefiting both integrators and end-users, it has the ability to achieve the most efficient management solution by reducing the CAPEX outlay and potential interferences when retrofitting.

For end-users cost savings, flexibility and future proofing can be achieved through a single platform for AV and IT that can grow with any changing requirements.

For integrators, adopting AV over IP has its benefits during the early year adoption for the long run, such as offering benefits to their clients.

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With vast experience in both the AV and IT fields, solution provider ATEN introduces its latest video over IP extender to the A/V over IP market - the VE Series, also referred to VE8900/VE8950. The VE8950 has been awarded by the Red Dot Design Award 2018 for its human-centric design, which provides system integrators the best user experience to solve problems while creating solutions for large-scale digital signage and video wall deployments covering hundreds of meters, such as campuses, stations, malls, and exhibition centers.

The VE8950 is designed to solve the problems system integrators face when implementing AV over IP systems by providing an economical and easy-to-use digital signage solution with user-focused hardware design.

ATEN AV over IP solution:

Fulfills the 1080p/4K high resolution demands by delivering visually lossless 4K @ 30Hz (4:4:4)AV signals with low latency over long distance via a local network of standard Gigabit network switch, while the VE8900 supports resolutions up to 1080p. 

With two product versions, the VE8950 provides a high quality, effective and easy-to-use digital signage and videowall solution, with simple layout control.

It is an economical solution to meet today’s large scale, multi-display, 1080p/4K digital signage requirements. Featuring limitless scalability and flexibility, no complicated IP setup, no additional servers or software required and daisy-chaining enabled.

Consisting of intuitive over IP control, it helps integrators build up their digital signage portfolio with a solution that makes networked AV easy.

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