3M and eyefactive show touchscreens with object recognition

3M and eyefactive joined forces to exhibit digital signage systems at ISE 2018 including a range of 3M MetalMesh touchscreens.

The MetalMesh products included 46-in HD displays in two Alpha tables and a Delta terminal up to 55-in and 65-in displays in UHD resolution. The touchscreens are based on PCAP technology and can recognise 80 touch points simultaneously.

Hardware was complimented by interactive software and object recognition technology from eyefactive that uses chips to enable the touch sensor to recognise any object.
The technology is suited to point of sale systems for retailers to provide customers with additional information about products they place on the display.

Eyefactive also showed an interactive shop window from its Sapphire series. The multitouch sensor is located behind the glass screen to deliver a system that can inform about products and brands after working hours in public spaces and is protected against wind, weather and vandalism.

The Aurora circle shaped rear-projection system with camera based multitouch tracking was also on show. 

All systems were running the latest version of the eyefactive touchscreen CMS software AppSuite. It is connected to eyefactive´s online marketplace for touchscreen apps. Every app can be customised with content and designs via the CMS system and no programming skills are needed. Object recognition is integrated by default. 

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