UK could use water pipes for gigabit broadband use

UK could use water pipes for gigabit broadband use
The UK government could use water pipes to bring gigabit broadband to rural areas of the UK, a move that could cut 80% of the costs related to installing a new network.

Using the existing network of water mains, already connected to homes and businesses, would allow fibre optic cables to be installed without digging up roads, with the government offering four million pounds to innovators trialling the method.

Matt Warman, digital infrastructure minister, UK government, said: “The cost of digging up roads and land is the biggest obstacle telecoms companies face when connecting hard-to-reach areas to better broadband, but beneath our feet there is a vast network of pipes reaching virtually every building in the country.

“So we are calling on Britain’s brilliant innovators to help us use this infrastructure to serve a dual purpose of serving up not just fresh and clean water but also lightning-fast digital connectivity.”

Photo credit: ArtShotPhoto, Shutterstock

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