Steljes to offer Do-Be training to educators

Steljes to offer Do-Be training to educators
Steljes has announced an exclusive agreement with Do-Be that will expand its education training programme to include IT-based learning activities.

Steljes will be offering Do-Be’s Teach-IT training modules as part of its education training programme. Teach-IT is a teaching and learning resource containing cross-curricular learning activities designed to make teaching engaging and learning fun.

It introduces a variety of technologies such as Google Earth, games based learning and the latest free web tools to help teachers bring new ways of learning and new creative content into their classrooms.

The Teach-IT courses are designed to help teachers understand how to fully harness the ICT resources at their disposal when planning and delivering lessons.

Catherine Howard, head of training at Steljes commented: “Our agreement with Do-Be will help teachers fully appreciate the technology they already have in their classroom and become proficient in the use of free online resources to enhance lesson content. The training courses are platform agnostic so that they can be used by any education establishment.”

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