Speaker orb created that you can climb inside

Speaker orb created that you can climb inside
A revolutionary speaker orb that listeners can climb inside of has been created through a partnership between a creative lab Studio Total (ST) and a multidisciplinary experimental studio Petter Johansson Art Direction and Design (PJADAD). Creators took a Cocoon 1 – a human-sized sphere designed as a peaceful place of retreat - and replaced the storage modules of the plastic bubble with 18 speakers.

The AudioOrbs are fitted with Tempur pillows that adjust to the shape of the listener’s body so that it feels like they are floating when inside it.
The spherical space almost completely blocks the noise from outside and the speakers mounted inside gives the user a rich and full audio spectrum.
Designed primarily as a novel leisure device for relaxation, only up to five units are projected for construction at the moment. The creation is another example, similar to The Void as reported on last month in InAVate, of AV to create all-encompassing media experiences.
Scandinavian lab ST has previously developed Wall of Sound and the Wall of Sound 2.0; claimed to be the worlds biggest iPhone speakers. PJADAD calls itself a multidisciplinary experimental studio that works within the fields of design, art and branding.
AudioOrbs is currently the subject of an indiegogo crowdfunding campaign where buyers can snap one up with a pledge of $15,000.