Spacetop offers 'world's first AR laptop'

Spacetop offers
A tech company called Sightful has released details of a laptop that connects to a pair of AR glasses, so it can detach the screen entirely from the laptop and place the image in front of you, up to 100-in in size.

Spacetop does this through the use of two 1080p displays, the illusion that is created is that of a full 2K display.

Using its own operating system called Spacetop OS, the setup allows multiple windows to be open side-by-side on a virtual screen called the 'Canvas', which eliminates the need to have multiple windows laying on top of each other, as would be the case on a traditional laptop screen.

The screen can only be seen by the user and no one else, so it offers a huge level of privacy even in public spaces. 

There are no clear details on a release date as yet, Sightful is currently offering 1,000 people interested in buying one to sign up on its website.  

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