Samsung launches flexible display under YOUM brand

Samsung launches flexible display under YOUM brand
Samsung's flexible AMOLED displays will be marketed under the brand name YOUM according to information on the company’s Mobile Display site. The electronics titan has teased us with concept videos and product demos of the flexible display technology over the last year. It finally revealed that the panels would be incorporated into commercial hardware in 2012 and has now registered the technology as a trademark under the YOUM logo.

The company said on its Mobile Display site that YOUM would be thinner, lighter and stronger than traditional AMOLED and LCD-TFT screens.

It shows diagrams of the layers that make up the flexible display and how it differs from other display types. The displays use film-based encapsulation ("encap") and TFT layers instead of glass substrates. This makes the displays "unbreakable" according to Samsung.

Samsung has mooted various applications centred on portable devices. With a bendable display the company has suggested you could have a foldable device or a wraparound display.

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