Responses ’˜critical’ for future of PMSE equipment use

Responses ’˜critical’ for future of PMSE equipment use
A fortnight remains to respond to the European Commission’s consultation over spectrum harmonisation as an option to ensure continued access to spectrum for PMSE, in particular for wireless mics and video cameras.

The online survey of stakeholders seeks to determine the social, economic and cultural costs and benefits that each of the different potential harmonisation options may bring.

The results will form part of the related Impact Assessment which will determine whether the EC either does nothing, allocates common tuning ranges for wireless mic use across the EU, or harmonises specific spectrum bands for wireless mics and IEMS across all countries.

The BEIRG Steering Committee said getting a big response from the PMSE sector is critical for the future use of this equipment in Europe.

The survey can be found HERE - the deadline for responses is March 15.