Orpheus theatre upgrades PA and VA to IP-based Bosch Praesensa

Orpheus theatre upgrades PA and VA to IP-based Bosch Praesensa
Theater & Concert Orpheus, one of the five largest theatres in the Netherlands, has replaced its aging evacuation system with Bosch Praesensa to meet the latest safety standards.

The requirement was to upgrade the current solution to meet the necessary regulatory requirements for public buildings and ensure it received the required EN certification. 

The main challenge for the theatre was the integration of the house PA and background music system with the voice evacuation system. The aim was for a solution that would give the theater complete control over all of its Dante-based audio facilities from one interface. Achieving this aim relied on Praesensa’s built-in OMNEO networking architecture. OMNEO is able to integrate with Dante networks ensuring the voice evacuation system and the communications operate together. 

One of the key parts to this project was ensuring the systems were integrated without infringing on the functions of the evacuation system. The evacuation system needed to be able to completely take over from the house PA and background music system in the event of an emergency, but also give sufficient flexibility on the background music channels when the system is in normal operation.

With OMNEO facilitating Dante audio, the result delivered exactly what the theatre wanted to achieve. It has given the user full flexibility on the various audio routings within the venue. A 32-channel Dante matrix sits at the heart of the system, allowing the user to manage the entire house system without affecting the Praesensa PA and VA system.

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