NanoLumens debuts VAAS business program

The Visualisation as a Service (VAAS) business program aims to reduce total cost of ownership for customers and systems integrators.

NanoLumens launched the VAAS business program, featuring a long-term upgrade path while eliminating lump sum ‘end of term’ payments and residual equipment risk.

The program aims to offer systems integrators with a way to expand sales of LED visualisation products, which Joe Lloyd, Vice President of Global Marketing and Business Development at Nanolumens believes have been hampered by a ‘daunting’ cost.

He said “The technologies have an expensive reputation and not every business has the capex freedom to afford the upfront costs.

“These price tags loom even larger when customers realise any newly purchased hardware is a depreciating asset whose lifecycle they must extend beyond the technology’s peak usefulness to protect their return on investment.”

Customers who purchase VAAS from NanoLumens also receive training and customer service support, as well as automatic upgrades which can be scheduled as newer technologies become available.

A blanket end-to-end warranty is included, as well as NanoLumens’ AWARE network management platform. The platform allows customers to pay a monthly fee based on the installed system without having to make upfront capital investments.

The VAAS program also includes ongoing reviews to discuss technology refreshment and implantation plans. Evaluations of mid-term alternatives, interim technology needs and end-of-life technology options will also be carried out.